Dental Implants

Posted Jun 8th, 2012 in Health News

According to the American Dental Association more and more patients are choosing dental implants as a replacement option.

Patients may choose implants to replace one, several, or a full set of teeth. Implants are cylinders taht are surgically placed in the upper or lower jaw where they function as a sturdy anchor for replacment teeth. Implants are typically made of materials that are compatible with the human body such as  titanium.

Single tooth implants:

A single tooth implant replaces the missing tooth’s roots. This particular implant is a freestanding unit and dose not involve treatment to the adjacent tooth/ teeth. This single implant can stabilize your bite and help prevent problems with the jaw.

Supported bridges and dentures:

Implants can help to support a bridge  when several teeth are missing. Abridge replaces the lost natural teeth and some of the tooth roots. Because the dental implants integrate with the jawbone, an implants integrate with the jawbone, an implant supported denture tends to be comfortable and stable, allowing you to bite and chew naturally. By Dr. Ken Hamin

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