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The Reasons to Consider Getting Dental implants

In years past, it is hard to predict how someone should proceed after losing or damaging a tooth, but these days dental implants have become more viable and affordable which frequently makes them a reasonable choice. 

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What Are Your Options For Cosmetic Services?

Interested in learning about your options for cosmetic dental treatments, and what sorts of conditions they can address? Our Winnipeg dentists provide some information to get you started below!

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How to Choose Between Clear Aligners & Braces

Stressing about choosing between cosmetic clear aligners and traditional braces? Our Winnipeg dentists offer some factors to think about, including cosmetic considerations.

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The Dental Bone Grafting Process

Today, our Winnipeg dentists explain the dental bone grafting process. The procedure is normally performed when bone loss is negatively affecting the neighbouring teeth.

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What Foods Can I Eat After Having Teeth Removed?

Are you wondering which foods you'll be able to eat after you’ve had teeth removed? Our Winnipeg dentists provide some tips on what to eat - and what to avoid after your dental surgery.

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Is There Such a Thing as a Cosmetic Dentist?

Cosmetic dental procedures are a staple of many dental clinics, but is this considered a specialty that a dentist can focus solely on? Our Winnipeg dentists are here to explain.

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Do braces hurt?

Wondering if having braces hurts? Our Winnipeg dentists tell you how to avoid pain during and after having braces.

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Periodontal Gum Surgery

In this post, our Winnipeg dentists explain the conditions gum surgery can treat and the different types of surgery there are.

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What is a prosthodontist and how can they help?

You've heard of a prosthodontist - but what services do they offer, and how can they help? Our Winnipeg dentists share more information about what this specialist does and what type of dental surgery they perform.

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How Professional Teeth Whitening is Done

If your teeth have become discoloured, or you would like to lighten your smile, teeth whitening is an option. Learn how professional teeth whitening at our Winnipeg office is done, as well as the types of teeth whitening procedures available.

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