Dental Care- A commodity or a service…

Posted May 2nd, 2012 in Health News

I often get asked about the field of dentistry by my students at the U of M.  Being a professor for over 18 years and attending thousands of hours of advanced education, I have heard many great educators in the fields of dental care. 

When it comes to a crown or a restoration, an Implant or a Gum Disease Treatment, or whether with sedation dentistry or just local freezing , the delivery of care to our clients comes down to a few things.  First, educating the individuals on their choices is important.  Secondly and more critical is finding out their risk through a proper assessment as well as  determining the best treatment and analyzing the survival of what you are recommending.  People are living longer and you want to do the best job possible and do it right the first time.  People are not paying for the “filling” or the “cap,”… they are investing in your Knowledge and trusting you have the experience and education to give the best recommendation and care.  They trust you will use the best material and judgement in treating them.    You probably wouldnt want to look for the best bargain for Open Heart Surgery, would you?  You would want the best trained and competent doing your  surgery    or a loved ones  because you want it done right the first time because there may not be any second chances depending on the risk.    When I was in dental school  there are many things that cant be taught due to time but also due to lack of core knowledge.  Without that knowledge and experience , there are some things that just would never be understood. …..  Overall, dental care is a service whose value is determined by many criteria.  It isnt a Costco or Walmart commodity that can be picked up off the shelf!

By Dr. Ken Hamin

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