• Student Dental Services, Campus Dental Health Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba

    Creating brighter smiles is at the heart of what we do.

    At Campus Dental Centre, we offer a full range of dental services and convenient hours for students and faculty.

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  • Meet the Team, Campus Dental Health Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba

    Providing students & faculty with dental care.

    From cleanings and fillings to orthodontics and more, you’ll find the Campus Dental Centre team right on campus.

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  • General Dentistry, Campus Dental Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba

    Nervous about your next dental appointment?

    At Campus Dental Centre, we make the grade for students and faculty, with options to help you relax during your visit.

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Your Campus Dental Centre

At Campus Dental Centre in Winnipeg, we understand what it’s like to try and juggle classes, studying, the stress of exam time.

We’ve been there ourselves.  In fact, we’ve been treating busy students and faculty for many years.

Our convenient location makes it easy to get the dental care you need without ever leaving campus which can save you a lot of time. From check-ups, cleanings and Orthodontic services like Invisalign® to cosmetic dentistry including dental implants, tooth whitening, fillings and more.

We offer students and faculty members more than 23 services at our University of Manitoba location.

Student Dentist, Winnipeg, Campus Dental

We Invest in Technology

We continually invest in the latest technology to provide you and your loved ones with the best possible care available.

Student Dentist, Winnipeg, Campus Dental

Convient Locations

You'll find our range of dental services are available at each of our two locations for your convenience.

Student Dentist, Campus Dental, Winnipeg

Dental Emergencies

From broken teeth to soft tissue injuries — we know that dental emergencies can happen at any time.

So, drop by anytime — we’d love to make you smile!