Children's Dentistry

You'll find a comprehensive range of Children's dental services and a calm, fun environment that'll make your kids look forward to their next visit.

When it comes to children's dental services, our Winnipeg dentists, Dr. Hamin, Dr. Tsang, Dr. Ruiz, and Dr. Keating and Dr. Nagra will go the distance to ensure your child starts on the road to good dental health with a smile. 

What types of children's dental services do we offer?

Our knowledgeable team is fully equipped to offer a complete range of dentistry services to meet the needs of a child's growing mouth, including:

  • Custom made sports guards
  • Space maintainers, for early orthodontic intervention
  • Dental sealants, to protect your child's baby teeth from cavities
  • Thumb sucking/habit-breaking appliances to help your child overcome behaviours that could be potentially dangerous to their overall oral health

Children Dental Services. Reflections Dental Health Centre, Winnipeg Manitoba

What can you expect on your child's first visit?

We'll do everything we can to make sure your child's first visit is fun, easy and stress-free – for both of you!

We take extra special care when introducing children to the dentist's chair. In fact, we'll even give them a 'ride' on it and also let them check out how some of our 'cool equipment' works. If your child feels ready after this, we'll go ahead with their very first hygiene visit. If not, you can choose to bring them back when they're ready.

What if there's dental emergency?

Dental emergencies can happen at any time. For example, a tooth can be chipped on a cup, or knocked clean out as the result of a fall. This is why it's always important to stay calm and bring your child over to Reflections Dental Health Centre as soon as possible so we can help. In the case of a permanent tooth that's been knocked out, bring your child to us with the tooth replanted in its socket or keep it moist in saliva or milk on your way.

Never scrape the tooth or allow it to dry out. If the tooth is replaced in the tooth socket immediately chances are that we can maintain the tooth for many years.

Timing is everything in a dental emergency

Did you know that if a tooth is left out of the mouth for more than 30 minutes, the chance for successful replantation drops significantly. That's why it's so important to get to a dentist right away.

We consider replantation successful if we can keep the tooth in position at least during a child's growth period. By maintaining the space, the replanted tooth prevents tipping of adjacent teeth.

If it is necessary to replace an injured tooth, it's always best to do so when the child is older – that is when all of the permanent teeth are in.

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