Dr. Maria Ruiz

Dr. Maria Ruiz

Dr. Maria Ruiz graduated with honors from the University of Manitoba with a DMD degree. Prior to this degree, Maria also completed a degree in Agricultural and Food Sciences at the University of Manitoba and coursework in the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Aside from being involved in private practice, Dr. Ruiz has been actively involved in the dental field as a clinical instructor at the Faculty of Dentistry, and with the Centre for Community Oral Health which provides oral care to patients in long term facilities and/or to those who are unable to mobilize themselves to attend dental appointments in a standard clinic environment.

Dr. Ruiz also travels to Northern Aboriginal communities to provide oral care to Native reserve residents and instructs students in scaling module courses at CDI College.

Dr. Ruiz is currently completing a five-year post Graduate Diploma program in Aesthetic Dentistry in Minnesota, and continues to provide a wide scope of general dental care to patients of all ages.

Dr. Ruiz brings a wonderful fluency in French and Spanish to our team and to our patients. She enjoys listening to all genres of music, plays the violin and enjoys hiking in the woods and mountains, good movies and the cultural arts.

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Jun 30th, 2017

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